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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Memorial Service

Memorial service
Last night I had the privilege to attend the memorial service for a lady I had never had the pleasure of meeting.  She was the mother of Sandy’s Daughter in law Amy. 
A feeling of love as such you can not imagine filled the room as there were I would estimate well over 200 people in attendance most of which were educators.
As usual being the emotional person I am my handkerchief was far from dry.
It was a beautiful service performed by Pastor Margaret a retired Lutheran minister which is a past  master of such a service.
It was beautifully organized by friends of the lady and her partner which had just left us. 
As I said the love in the room was just over whelming.    This lady was well loved by all and a beautiful poet as well.  Several of her pieces were read and included in the memorial brochure.
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I have taken the liberty to include the above as it is beautiful and it seemed as though it was a message from my own mother whom I never knew as she was removed from me at an early age of two.
We are blessed to be included as we were to this beautiful service.  To hear how she was so well loved by all who knew her even the Pastor that performed the service was a close friend of hers. 
I am sure it was my loss not to have known this lady.  I know her daughter and she is a precious person that shows love through all she does.
Once again thank you Universe ( and Sandy) for including me in this beautiful event.

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I am not as good as I should be,
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