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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Funeral Ceremony Sermon - Breathe

Universal Life Church
By Rev. Kirk Alan Haas

Do not be afraid to breathe
Even though this is something our loved one
Could not do.

Do not be afraid for our loved one
For they have found peace.

Do not be afraid for their family
For they are together and strong.

Do not be afraid to be happy
And to tell your stories of your friend.

Do not be afraid to keep loving this man.
He never stopped loving you.

Do not be afraid to cry
With the sadness you feel in his passing.

Do not be afraid to move forward with your lives,
Without him.

Do not be afraid
To breathe.

Poem for the passing of a loved one.
Written for and Delivered at the funeral of Terry Lee Haas
by Rev. Kirk Alan Haas, Officiant

Terry Lee Haas passed away forty-eight days short of his fiftieth birthday
from lung failure. Terry's brother officiated the ceremony, his first official act as a minister.


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