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Monday, June 21, 2010

Online Ceremonies

By Rev. David Vahlberg

(Have prepared, a small container of blessed, or holy water and a sprinkling rod)

(Spoken aloud) Great Spirit and Creator be with us!

Easter is a time of Spiritual Rebirth
As well as a time of abundant Life
Returning to the Earth
As flowers in the fields
And young birds and animals
Born in nest and fold.

Our Souls are like Water,
Both abide on Earth for a time
And then are pulled to the Heavens
Returning once more
To the Good Earth,
Completing a never-ending
Circle of Love.

This Sacred Water
Blest by the Earth
And kissed by the Sky,
Is a Symbol of your bond
With Nature and Creation,
With the Heavens
And the Universe.

As rain, Water has
Fallen from the Skies
And been warmed by the Sun
In smiling Springs.
Now, this Eternal Water,
Sprinkles you, and
Is One with your Soul. (Sprinkle blessed water)

Be Blessed!! (Name)

All blessings come from the Creator, may you always be warmed by them.

David Vahlberg

"Oh gracious heavenly Father, I ask in the name of your son Jesus that, as your word proclaims in Matthew 18:18, that the sickness now afflicting my brother would be bound from harming him. I loose your angels and charge that they encamp round about him and protect him. I bind any evil in any form that may come against him. I loose your love and ask that it rain down upon him like a mighty flood. In Your Holy name, amen."

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